Monday, January 5, 2009

Graduate Honored
Graduate Mike Calvo, founder and CEO of Serotek Corp., was named as a Technology Executive of the year finalist for the 2008 Tekne Awards. The awards are to honor those companies and individuals based in Minnesota, who have shown superior technology innovation and leadership.
Calvo's technical contributions have assisted untold thousands of elderly, and visually impaired individuals as well as those with limited mobility. Through his innovative efforts Serotek products now operate computers and access the Internet.
Just a few of his accomplishments include the first web 2.0-based accessibility software and the first to remove financial barriers with international computer accessibility free of charge. He donated Serotek's screen-reading product to a foundation he started to achieve free access.


majorshouse said...

I think that this is great and I personally have used the System Access to go product and find it in my instances to be superior to what is already out in the market and cudos to him.
Lin and Major

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Mike. That's quite an accomplishment to be proud of.
Shirley T and Cleo

Anonymous said...

Wow,that's great to know about Serotek's CEO.

Sean & Franklin