Friday, May 22, 2009

Help Your Dog Keep It's COOOOOOL

As Summer's heat gets more intense your pooch needs extra attention to keep healthy. Panting is a dog's only way to rid their body of heat and it may not be enough on the hottest days. Follow the tips below to make sure Fido has it "made in the shade":
  • On a hot day, try to work your dog in the cooler early morning or early evening hours if at all possible
  • Provide access to water at all times. Investigate the many portable pet water bottles and dishes on the market to use when your dog is working. In extreme heat, limit your dog's water to small intakes of tepid water. Otherwise too much water at once can cause your dog to vomit or be at increased risk of stomach torsion.
  • Avoid extended time in areas with no shade such as the beach or concrete and asphalt areas. The heat reflected by these surfaces is particularly intense.
  • Indoors move your dog to a cool area of your home. Set up a cooling station by freezing water in soda bottles or sealable freezer bags and placing on the floor wrapped in a towel. Your dog will love lying on these frosty patches in hot weather.
  • Obese dogs can have an especially hard time keeping cool. Even normal activity can be a hardship for them in hot weather. Keep your dog at a healthy weight or help him to lose weight - the heat will be much easier on him. Until then go easy on an obese dog in hot weather.
  • In general pay attention to your dog for signs of overheating. Take a break if your dog is panting heavily or has increased salivation. Give her rest in the shade and a drink of water.

    With a little help your dog will sail through summer and you'll both enjoy the sunny days.

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