Friday, June 26, 2009

Guide Dog Adventure Stories

We wanted to include the following letter for all our graduates.

Hello guide users. My name is Christopher Banks and I am also a guide user. I have been with Pasco for many years and before I had him there was Chevy. I know that the experiences that I have had working with these dogs has changed my life, and I am sure that you can say the same for your guide dog.

A few years ago I wrote a children's book called Hop Up, The Story of Pasco the Guide Dog, and in this book Pasco the guide dog comes to life to tell his remarkable story. So after much editing and a lot of work from myself and others this book will soon be published. So now I have to start up the old computer and do it again.

The second book that I have in mind to write will be called "Guide Dog Adventures: Those Amazing Dogs and Their Stories." Once again I am going to bring Pasco back to narrate this book, but I am going to need your help. I know everyone has a special story about their guide dog, but what I am looking for is just the ones that stand out above the rest. An example would be something like the guide dog who helped his master escape from a collapsing building during 911.

E-mail your stories to me and If I like them I will put them in my new book. Kids are really fascinated by how these guide dogs are able to do what they do, but by sharing your story we can show them how really amazing they really are! E-mail to I am excited about this and I will be looking forward to reading about you and your dog.

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