Thursday, December 8, 2011

The holidays are here again

Although it’s a joyful time of year, many of us find ourselves swamped with changing routines, shopping in crowded stores, decorating our homes, and keeping busy with preparations for entertaining family and guests. If we think we’re overwhelmed with all the holiday festivities, just think how our dogs must feel.

It never hurts to be reminded that not only do our pooches pick up on our excitement, they also pick up on our tension as we rush around here and there trying to get everything done. You may find it helpful to pay a little extra attention  to your dog at such times. Many of the articles I’ve read suggest making an effort to remain as calm as possible, especially when snowed under with so much to do. It helps to lessen your dog’s anxiety.

Remember to watch out for chocolate and other holiday treats that can be harmful to our dogs. Did you know that poinsettias are also poisonous? And watch out for tencil. I know of several dogs who had problems after eating some.

Do any of you have other tips to help our dogs stay safe and enjoy the holiday season?

How many of you give your dogs gifts? I still have to shop for Cleo. Any ideas?

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