Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Welcome All
This is a forum for all our graduates and is your exchange center for information, news, tips and hints. Our goal is to provide whatever communication you need to help tie together our community of guide dog users. We invite you to stay connected to your fellow grads and log-in often. For those of you not familiar with blogs, you can add comments after each article posting by clicking on the "comments" link below the online article also known as post. Please sign your comments. We will be moderating them and will not post any that are anonymous. The archive section on the right-hand side will quickly take you to any previous posts that you may have missed.
It is our hope the this blog will be a center of valuable information for all of you. We will be posting at least twice a month, more often when we have additional items of interest. Contributions from guest authors at Southeastern Guide Dogs will be featured periodically. Look for new posts and articles often and please book mark our blog. This is your blog. Feel free to make it yours with frequent comments.


majorshouse said...

I am really happy to see the blog up and running and look forward to all of the great articles and information like the puppy raising department has done with the puppy blog.
Lin and Major

Larry Newman said...

Nice job, graduate services!! I hope this takes off as a vehicle to keep us all in touch. Do you have any idea how many of our grads have computers? Larry Newman and Courage

Roy Dubriel said...

The is my first comment on South Easten glog. Roy Dubriel

Jessie said...

This blog forum is a great idea. Hopefully it will expand to include many more graduates as I feel there are experiences and tips we can share. Although as much as possible is covered in class, there are still numerous situations we can learn from that are unique to us outside the classroom/training grounds. Again, great work!

Susan said...

I am so glad that we have this for out grads. This is guide dog number 3 for me and now I cam keep in touch with my guide dog friends. This is the best.. Have a great New Year ALL..
Susan Sirois and Danny