Friday, December 26, 2008

Well i hope that everyone has survived the holidays and that all the dogs got something special as well. Both my dogs all though there is a 80 lbs differance both got an extra large bone the small dog was so excited she threw up under what we called this year a Charlie Brown tree. I am happy to report that this was the excitement of my christmas morning. Whar did some of your dogs get over the holidays? See you all in 2009. Happy New Year.


Jessie said...

Christmas got off to an amusing start, along with a few reminders of mischief under my guide Heartsong's paws. On Christmas Eve (Heartsong just couldn't wait! LOL), he received his personal inflatable bed and loves it! He has started jumping on and off it while running like a horse around the house, looks up to me for approval of his aloofness, and repeats his newfound routine again. Then after the melee, went to an early slumber! Later that night, he awoke rolling all over it, I'm still convinced he had this bed in mind all along! On Christmas night, he was given a real pre-cooked cow thigh bone. God, does he love those things, he already has a well earned nickname from this: Mistabone! But the best gift for me is still the one that keeps on giving unconditionally. That is Heartsong! Thanks to you SEGD, I hope everyone has a great Holiday Season!

majorshouse said...

Major got some really nice treats and this funniest hard rubber ball I have ever seen. It was part Christmas/birthday since his birthday wasthe 26th. It has a Sanat hat on it which he will probably chew up long before the ball goes, but he loves running around the house with it in his mouth and he has another rope toy with a hard rubber piece in it too that he has not gotten yet. Mom my also made homemade dog biscuits that he absolutely adores too, so he has had a greeat Christmas and birthday.
Lin and Major

Susan S Danny said...

Hello all...Heide I am glad that your dog's had a great Christmas Danny got lucky for his first Christmas with me my Sister in law got him a big bag of beggin strips dog treats and a GODIVA TEDDY BEAR that he still is carrying around with him. I have not seen my brother in Ohio and family in 4 years sence my mom died that was the best Christmas. As far as food Danny was a very good boy I told them that he was not to be fed people food at all. How ever I did spill my wine cooler all over the table and it did get on the floor and Danny tried to help me clean it up but I tried to clean it up faster then him but we had a race on our hands but at the end I won....This year at Southearstern will be the best year we will ever have. So you all have a very Happy New Year. From Me and Danny To YOU.

Deidri Cumbie said...

We had as much fun with Duke on Christmas as we did when our girls were children. He was so excited over the gifts left by Santa Paws. He got two stuffed toys with squeakers; one is a hamburger, the other a hotdog. He got a small stuffed bear and a canvas frisbee. He got "people crackers". They are small crackers in the shape of a mailman, milkman, etc. He ran around the house squeaking his toys in his mouth for a while, then took his bear to his crate for a nap. I was very proud of him as we made our rounds during the holidays to visit everyone. Duke ignored the food and ran over to me after taking a handout from my if to say "She gave it to me, I didn't pick it up".

Graduate Services said...

Hello everyone:
I’m new to blogging, so please bare with me.

We had a good Christmas at our house, although it was pretty quiet since none of our kids came home for the holidays this year and we didn’t go to visit any of them.
Guide Cleo got some great toys, including a sock dog that squeaks. And while my husband and I opened our gifts on Christmas Eve, I slipped Cleo a couple of extra carrots, her favorite treat.

One of our friends gave Cleo a set of pink booties to match the pink parka I bought for her when I was still in Florida. It gets cold and snowy here in Ohio, and Cleo loves the parka because it keeps her warm. She does not, however, appreciate the booties—not at all. After twenty minutes of coaxing, struggling, and bribing with carrots, I finally got the booties on her feet. Immediately, she danced around, doing the Vizsla High Step, and one by one, kicked them off.

Happy 2009 to all.

Shirley T. and Cleo