Friday, March 13, 2009

Low Vision Product Report

From time to time we will post reports about products available for the visually impaired. These posts are for informational purposes only and not meant as an endorsement of any product.

A multitude of products are available to assist the visually impaired with reading. One in particular the Personal Video Magnifier (PVM) overcomes some of the drawbacks of traditional CCTV and handheld or stand magnifiers. A technologically advanced version of this is the i-vu™ from Clarity.

As with other PVM's the i-vu™ :

  • does not have the distortion around the outside of the lens that can be a problem with handheld magnifiers

  • magnification is not dependent on the distance between the reader and the object. Constant magnification is provided regardless of distance.

  • is lighter and more portable than traditional CCTV's that can weigh up to 25 pounds

    Other compelling features specifically of the i-vu™ are it's palm-sized dimensions and 4 ounce weight, adjustable magnification between 5x and 20x and light for reading in dim areas. One of the smallest PVM's on the market, its portability makes the i-vu™ very useful for such tasks as reading menus, prescription bottles, books or bills.

    For more information on the i-vu™ go to the link here:

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