Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer Pet Hazards

Walking in the sweet-smelling grass, the sun on your face, a cooling evening breeze. The delights of summer are all around. Enjoy this sizzling season with your guide dog, but be aware of these hazards.

  • Citronella candles, insect repellent coils and oils keep the bugs at bay, but keep them away from your dog. They can cause serious problems if ingested.

  • Now that bugs are buzzing only use insect repellents approved for dogs. Petco has Farnam Flys-Off Mist Insect Repellent for Dogs that protects against flies, gnats and mosquitoes. No Petco near you? The spray can be ordered from their website at: Also available by mail order is Dog Biospot Dog Flea & Tick Spray 24 oz, item # 9N-28324 - $19.99 from Drs. Foster and Smith - Phone: 1-800-381-7179, Biospot is also available Petco. Check with your Vet before using these products. Some sprays should not be used with certain monthly flea and tick preventatives. These products are suggested as a quide. Southeastern Guide Dogs does not endorse any product.

  • Grilling? Keep matches and lighter fluid out of your dogs reach. Respiratory and severe kidney problems can result if eaten.

  • Tropical umbrella drinks are around more in summer. But don't leave these unattended since alcoholic beverages can be poisonous to your dog.

This is a brief list summarized from the ASPCA website. For the full article click on the link below:

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